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I'm Gabriel Aguiñaga, your go-to guy for this incredibly useful Chrome Extension and all things time management and productivity. 😊

Whether you're just diving into the world of ChatGPT or you're already a master at it, PasteBuddy is here to take your productivity to the next level.

How It Works:

PasteBuddy integrates a small, user-friendly overlay into ChatGPT, allowing instant one-click reuse of your favorite prompts.

PasteBuddy Screenshot, How It Works PasteBuddy Screenshot, How It Works

💪 For Newcomers: Jumpstart your ChatGPT journey with expertly crafted, built-in prompts!

💪 For Advanced Users: Save your favorite prompt's for instant 1-click reuse!

It's 100% FREE, and you'll get instant access to the following professionally crafted prompts, ready for immediate use:

Professional Email Crafting

Easily transform drafts into polished, impactful business emails.

Grammar Check

Boost grammatical precision and content quality, ensuring clear, error-free writing.

Engagement Check

Elevate your content to be more engaging and lively, a must-have for bloggers and marketers.

Prompt Generator

Tailor and optimize your ChatGPT prompts for consistent, high-quality responses.

Summarize Prompt

Quickly condense extensive articles into key takeaways, perfect for swift comprehension.

Explain to Kid Prompt

Break down complex ideas into simple language, great for educators, parents, and more.

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Keep your ChatGPT interactions flowing smoothly without interruption.

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Instantly reset your ChatGPT input with a single click for a clutter-free experience.


Personalize PasteBuddy by adding your own prompts!

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